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AP-Bio-HW-11-091023 - Ap Biology Period 3 Class Munshani...

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Ap Biology Period 3 Munshani, Kunal Class # Date Completed: 11/3/2011 Homework #11 (091023): Chapter 11 (due Friday 091023 ) Total points: 20 for Attempt on all questions ONE Concept Map: 10 points Objectives An Overview of Cell Signaling 1. Describe the basic signal-transduction pathway used for mating in yeast. Explain why we believe these pathways evolved before the first multicellular organisms appeared on Earth. - Yeast - Chemical agent secreted - Agent binds to specific receptor protein - Causes cells to grow towards each other and fuse - First multicellular organisms - Signal Transduction similar in yeast and animal cells - Last common ancestor billion of years old - Signal Transduction similar in bacteria and plant cells 2. Define paracrine signaling and give an example. - P aracrine signaling - Local signaling in animals - Messenger molecules secreted can affect numerous cells - E.X Growth factor 3. Define local regulation and explain why hormones are not local regulators. - Local regulation - Chemical messages that travel a short distance. - Affects cells in the vicinity - Hormones - Specialized cells release hormones into bloodstream - Hormones travel to specific, targeted cells - Not local: - Specific target, potentially far away 4. Explain how plant and animal hormones travel to target cells. - Travel - Animal - Circulatory System - Plant - Vessels (rarely) - Move through cells (common)
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Ap Biology Period 3 Munshani, Kunal Class # Date Completed: 11/3/2011 5. List and briefly define the three stages of cell signaling. - Reception - Target cell detects signal molecule - Signal molecule binds to receptor molecule on cells surface - Transduction - Binding of signal changes receptor protein - Converts signal - Signal converted to perform a specific cellular response
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