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AP-Bio-HW-23-091218 (1) - Homework #23 : Chapter 23 (due...

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Homework #23 : Chapter 23 (due Friday) Concept Map: 10 points Population Genetics 1. Explain the statement “It is the population, not the individual, that evolves.” -Evolution = change in gene proportion - Evolution is determined when two organisms cannot reproduce to produce fertile offspring. Therefore the individual is simply able to contribute its set of genes to the overall proportion. 2. Explain how Mendel’s particulate hypothesis of inheritance provided much-needed support for Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. - Particulate - Mendel’s hypothesis supported Darwin’s because Mendel’s Quantitative pieces build Darwin’s qualitative pieces making it measurable. 3. Distinguish between discrete and quantitative traits. Explain how Mendel’s laws of inheritance apply to quantitative traits. - Discrete - Either or traits - Quantitative - Characteristics in a population that vary along a continuum. - Mendel’s laws - Quantities influenced by loci - Loci either or. -Quantities characteristics are characteristics that vary along a population. Discrete characteristics are wither or traits. Mendel’s laws link the two because Quantities characteristics are based on genes located at multiple loci and these loci are discrete characteristics. 4. Explain what is meant by “the modern synthesis.” - Theory of evolution - This theory of evolution integrated ideas from many other fields. 5. Define the terms population, species, and gene pool. - Population - Group of species in area - Species - Organisms reproduce to fertile organism - Gene pool - All alleles in a pop - A population is a localized group of one particular species in a given area. A species is a group of related organisms that can reproduce to produce fertile organisms. A gene pool is all the
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possible alleles in a population. 6. Explain why meiosis and random fertilization alone will not alter the frequency of alleles or genotypes in a population. - Meiosis
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AP-Bio-HW-23-091218 (1) - Homework #23 : Chapter 23 (due...

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