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Instruction: Answer all the 10 assignments. Type all answers use Font (Times New Roman) size 12 and use MS WORD. Retain electronic files. Print a hardcopy and turn in by the due date. Each assignment limited to 20-50 words answer (with a bullet-point outline when necessary). For Diagrams (Concept Map), hand-drawn and/OR scan into WORD file. Rubrics: Each Homework Assignment: Total 20 points Extra Credit over 10 assignments: 2 points each, up to maximum 30 points Homework #2 : Chapter 2 1. Distinguish between an element and a compound. 2. Identify the four elements that make up 96% of living matter. 3. Define the term trace element and give an example. 4. Draw and label a simplified model of an atom. Explain how this model simplifies our understanding of atomic structure. 5. Distinguish between each of the following pairs of terms: a. neutron and proton b. atomic number and mass number c. atomic weight and mass number 6. Explain how the atomic number and mass number of an atom can be used to
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AP-Bio-HW-2-110909 - Homework Instruction & Rubrics...

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