AP-Bio-HW-12-091030 - Homework #12 (091030): Chapter 12...

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Homework #12 (091030): Chapter 12 (due Friday 091030 ) Total points: 20 for Attempt on all questions ONE Concept Map: 10 points Objectives   The Key Roles of Cell Division 1. Explain how cell division functions in reproduction, growth, and repair. 2. Describe the structural organization of a prokaryotic and a eukaryotic genome. 3. Describe the major events of cell division that enable the genome of one cell to be passed on to two daughter cells. 4. Describe how chromosome number changes throughout the human life cycle. The Mitotic Cell Cycle 5. List the phases of the cell cycle and describe the sequence of events that occurs during each phase. 6. List the phases of mitosis and describe the events characteristic of each phase. 7. Recognize the phases of mitosis from diagrams and micrographs. 8. Draw or describe the spindle apparatus, including centrosomes, kinetochore microtubules, nonkinetochore microtubules, asters, and centrioles (in animal cells). 9. Describe what characteristic changes occur in the spindle apparatus during each
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AP-Bio-HW-12-091030 - Homework #12 (091030): Chapter 12...

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