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HONORS BIO REVIEW FOR 2nd SEMESTER FINAL 10 Suggestions on how and what to study: - Have a strong understanding of the concepts - study the notes for information. - Rewriting the most important parts of all of your notes onto a separate sheet of paper and studying that sheet of paper will help a lot Ch-1 1.Properties of Life / Scientific Method List the order of the scientific method 2.Chemistry of Biology - list five properties of life - explain how living things are organized in comparison to non-living things - explain the theories of biogenesis and spontaneous generation - List the order of the scientific method - describe the structure of the atom - explain what an “element” is - list the four groups of organic compounds that make up living things - describe the function of each of the four organic compounds - define “isotope” and “radioactive isotope” - explain what a chemical bond is - differentiate between ionic, covalent, and hydrogen bonds - explain the importance of a Carbon atom’s ability to form 4 covalent bonds - describe what a chemical reaction is - explain what a “polar molecule” or “polar covalent bond” is - define: acid, base, and buffer - explain how acidity is measured Ch 7 Cell Structure and Function / Molecular Movement - explain what restricts cell size - explain the key
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