CHAPTER 4 ans - Chapter 4 Communicating Across Cultures 1....

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Chapter 4 Communicating Across Cultures 1. Which of the following statements about the global economy is most accurate? a. Although the “global village” was predicted years ago, it is far from being a reality. b. Although many national companies do business in foreign markets, few local companies do. c. Many corporations have formed multinational alliances to help them better compete in the global economy. d. Because of easy access to global information via the Internet, intercultural differences lead to few misunderstanding. REF: p. 70 2. Which of the following is probably the most important factor in the rise of the global market? a. As domestic markets mature, companies are increasingly looking overseas for new oppor- tunities b. Favourable trade agreements, such as NAFTA and GATT, have been passed. c. The number of middle-class consumers has grown substantially around the world. d. New transportation and information technologies have been developed that make global business possible. REF: p. 70 3. Probably the greatest obstacle many multinational companies must overcome is 跨跨跨跨跨跨跨跨跨跨跨跨跨 跨跨跨跨跨跨跨跨跨 a. the difficulty of travelling between countries spread around the world. b. communicating with workers in different parts of the world. c. the cost of building production plants in foreign countries. d. the number of misunderstandings resulting from intercultural differences REF: p. 72 4. Which of the following factors has led to the globalization of markets? a. The maturing of domestic markets b. The passage of favourable trade agreements such as NAFTA and GATT c. The explosive growth of the middle class around the world d. All of the above REF: p. 72 5. Canadian society today can be best described as
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a. part of a melting pot where people from different ethnic groups blend together. b. a cultural mosaic where individuals join the nation and still retain their cultural identities. c. a river of cultures contributing to an ocean of turbulence. d. None of the above REF: p. 72 6. Select the most accurate statement. a. Culture is a subject that is usually taught in elementary school. b. Cultural attitudes are not learned until adulthood. c.
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CHAPTER 4 ans - Chapter 4 Communicating Across Cultures 1....

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