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12/4/11 Our Open Source Tools 1/1 www.cell-life.org/capture/our-open-source-mobile-data-collection-tools !"#$%% ( "!)*+ ,-. ,)$+/*% 1 1 1 1 8%+ > @/-+% 1 ,%55(D"E%F# G)0: -E +:% +--5# :)N% 3%55 %#+)45"#:%6 0-. Javarosa JavaRosa is an open-source platform for data collection on mobile devices. At its core, JavaRosa is based on the XForms standard -- the official W3C standard for next-generation data collection and interchange. JavaRosa is written in Java Mobile Edition (J2ME), and supports a wide array of devices, from top-end smart phones and PDAs with large screens and abundant memory, to low-end device. The thriving community shares experience in using the code in various
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