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Chapter 1 - Ethical Dilemma

Organizational Behavior (14th Edition)

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Evgeniy Bukatin Pr. Bryant BUS 308 October 19, 2011 Chapter 1 – Ethical Dilemma 1. Sometimes, lying is better than telling the truth, especially if we talk about structural corruption. For example, in today’s Russia, where corruption is a huge source of government’s income, being an avid supporter of moral principles, acting in accordance with the law, and pointing on people who are involved in fraud would be life-threatening. 2. I think it’s absolutely fair for a manager to fire an employee for being dishonest with him/her because such behavior endangers the safety of the entire organization. When an employee tends to lie, the manager can’t trust an employee, which, eventually, creates a fear of not knowing what to expect from such individual. I believe finding the ways of solving problems instead of lying and hiding information from your co-workers shows disrespect and weakness, the qualities that aren’t encouraged in professional industries.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Thinking about investors, I believe it’s unethical for a public-trade organization to withhold important information regarding its actual financial condition. For a corporation, falsely creating favorable investment conditions while, in fact, experiencing serious financial problems and being on the edge of bankruptcy means not telling the truth to its shareholders, which is considered lying. 4. Taking into consideration global economy’s recession, I would say that the majority of people is predisposed to unethical behavior. For those who struggle financially, it’s a great temptation to use lies as a way of gaining money. In this situation, it’s very easy to act contrary to moral principles, which, I believe, would bring the percentage of people who lie to approximately 60 and over....
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