Chapter 3 - Ethical Dilemma

Organizational Behavior (14th Edition)

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Evgeniy Bukatin Pr. Adou-Dy BUS 308 October 26, 2011 Chapter 3 – Ethical Dilemma 1. I think the quality of life is lower in the United States because only thing that Americans do is work. Americans love money, thinking that they can buy happiness, so they work and get paid. I also believe that Americans are afraid of competitions and losing their jobs for cheap labor in other countries. But extensive amount of work leads to stress and a lower quality of life. If only thing that a person does is work they get more stressed out, which causes mental and physical problems. That is why it would be important that the government would required a minimum number of vacation days and work week hours, that the employees would have time to balance their lives. Lives are not just for work, individuals need to remember to take care of themselves by taking time to exercise, spend time with family and friends, and to relax. If Americans would have more time to take care of themselves outside the workplace they would become more productive, while
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Unformatted text preview: improving their quality of life. 2. I believe that there should be some limit for work hours. I believe that about 40-hour workweek would be perfect limit for all the countries. I think the quality of French life will suffer if there is no limit because the competition will take over and only thing that people start to focus their lives is work. It is important to remember that work is not everything and it is essential to take care of your physical and mental health. 3. Definitely, I think it is employers’ obligation to take care of the employees if they want to have the full potential out of them. It is important to set work-hour limits and holidays that workers would not be overwhelmed by work leading to burnout; employers should think how to make them more productive. The answer to that is to make sure the employees have balanced lifestyle and they are not stressed out....
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