Chapter 4 - Ethical Dilemma

Organizational Behavior (14th Edition)

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Evgeniy Bukatin Pr. Adou-Dy BUS 308 October 26, 2011 Chapter 4 – Ethical Dilemma 1. My personal opinion is that crying at work might be destructive in relation to coworkers. Such demonstration of emotions disrupts the work environment and makes other people feel uncomfortable. Being too emotional in a position that encourages perseverance, calmness, and accuracy may be considered inappropriate. Personally, I think the first advice is right that tears are inappropriate in the workplace because at work you have to be professional. Again, I agree with Tory Johnson about being natural and being yourself; however, I suspect that crying at the workplace seems more as a tool to manipulate
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Unformatted text preview: employees for self-serving purpose, which is unethical and shouldn’t be encouraged in an organization. 2. I think it is important to consider the reason for crying because sometimes people really have tough situations in life, for example death of a close person can cause a psychological breakdown. In this case, it would be wrong to judge an individual by the fact that he/she is crying because it is an expected behavior in this situation. Though, as I mentioned above, if crying is used as a tool to attract people’s attention and cause their compassion, it would definitely shape my opinion of a person....
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