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Chapter 9 - Ethical Dilemma

Organizational Behavior (14th Edition)

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Evgeniy Bukatin Pr. Adou-Dy BUS 308 November 9, 2011 Chapter 9 – Ethical Dilemma 1. Social loafing is a big problem when working in groups. I have experienced it many times in our school group projects, and that is why I think if the group members end up “working around” shirkers, they should inform the instructor about it. It is fair for all the hard-working members of the group, to get a credit for it. I think there should be individual goals as well as group goals, and they should be graded individually. I also think that the group, as well as the instructor, should tell the shirking group member about grading individual contributions because then maybe he/she would learn to see the effort and put some input to the group task. 2. I think it is important to confront and communicate with the shirking group member about the group task. All the members need to be involved with the group project to get credit,
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Unformatted text preview: and if someone doesn't do his/her work it is fair to tell them that they will not get credit from the job that they did not do. I don't think it is about the skills of the shirker, I believe it is the laziness and the idea that the other members of the group will do it anyway. If there would be some sort of problem with the skills of the shirker, he/she could ask help from other group members. 3. Absolutely not. Even if some of the Western countries are more individualistic it doesn't mean that social loafing in a group is accepted. People learn how to work in groups – it is not inborn – different cultures learn different norms. I think social loafing is more like a norm – how a member wants to act in a group. It is important to put your input to every task either its group’s or individual’s task. The U.S. workers will learn to work in groups the way Asian workers do....
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