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Chapter 8 - Case Incident 2

Organizational Behavior (14th Edition)

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Evgeniy Bukatin Pr. Adou-Dy BUS 308 November 2, 2011 Chapter 8 – Case Incident 2 1. I think one reason why companies and managers don't often praise employees is because it can so easily become political and distracting. Mostly because if managers praise one employee the co-workers may think that they are not treated fairly. One other problem with praising employees is that they start taking them as granted. Some of the managers may also think that it is fairly expensive to praise employees, but that is not the case, simple "good job" or other verbal praise is more effective than money. 2. I would establish goals and action plan and determine the rewards before launching the plan. After observing the employees good performance I would praise the employee, or group of employee verbally. The research has proven that financial incentives might be more motivating in the short term, but in a long run it is non-financial incentives. One way to praise the employees as a manager would be to provide some activities for them or
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Chapter 8 - Case Incident 2 - Evgeniy Bukatin Pr Adou-Dy...

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