what is philosophy (karl jaspers)

what is philosophy (karl jaspers) - I am the kind of person...

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Ricky C. Camus / BSAT3-2 January 16, 2012 What is Philosophy? (By: Karl Jaspers) What is Philosophy? I couldn’t answer this question before reading this essay and quite honestly now that I have read it I still can’t provide an answer, and neither could Jaspers himself determine an answer. He stated that unlike science, philosophy produces no universally valid result and philosophy cannot be defined. Philosophy is not something that we know for certain, it is comprised of questions, and answers to these questions that we feel are right. However, everyone has their own philosophy on life and their own way of interpreting things. Jaspers felt that the only way to understand philosophy was by examining things and reflecting upon our ideas, as well as by discussing them with others. I feel that Jaspers way of looking at philosophy is right in a sense because it is not something that we ever know for certain, so by coming up with different ideas and thoughts on subjects we are adding to the philosophy of many great philosophers. It’s kind of difficult though for me because
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Unformatted text preview: I am the kind of person that likes things straight forward, and I hate it when there isn’t a right or wrong answer to a question. It’s hard not knowing if you are right or wrong on some of the ideas that you may come up with while talking about philosophy. One other thing that I agreed with that Jaspers said was that when we are children we are more compelled to ask questions and seek answers, but as we grow older we begin to lose that sense of wonder and we just accept things without inquiring about them first. In a way we are more philosophical as children than as adults, even though at that young age we are not old enough to understand everything. It’s a shame that we lose that gift of curiosity because without out I feel we lose ourselves and our philosophy of life. Only when we choose to wonder about things again will we realize that philosophy is never ending and it will remain until the end of man....
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what is philosophy (karl jaspers) - I am the kind of person...

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