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RICKY CAMUS BSAT2-2 Film title: The private life of plants General theme of the film: The evolution life of the plants 1.What part of the film interested you most? One very interesting part in the film was the part about the fig tree. It showed how it destroys what once made it survive in its early, vulnerable times. It is very much relative to what really occurs in real life between people. 2. What biological concepts are present in the film? The biological concepts present in the film are genetics, scientific method, evolution, homeostasis and population genetics of the plants. 3. Relate the film in your everyday life activities. In relation to life, the film showed well how a young plant benefits from a grown tree and when everything they needed is achieved, they desert the tree just as how some Filipinos
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Unformatted text preview: are now. In our everyday life, it also shows man’s endless search for survival; the exhausting search for money and food, wherein plants take it in nutrients, water, etc. The film also showed what attitudes people have to deal with everyday; the common crab-mentality, the tight competitions, etc. 4. What values have you learned? Explain. I have learned to appreciate small things in this world because all things in this world are important and have a purpose to each and everyone. What if there’s no plant? How we survive? One thing more, we need to protect our environment and plant more trees for us to save our planet earth....
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