marketing 2 - CARAME Coffee Academy 1.0 Executive Summary...

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Unformatted text preview: CARAME Coffee Academy 1.0 Executive Summary The CARAME is located along Maharlika Highway, Kapitan Pepe, Cabanatuan City. This is a Coffee Shop which serves hot or cold variety of coffees and offers cakes, sandwich and bread as compliment. The shop also has a souvenir items such as mug. The mug will be printed with company logo and location. This 400 sq.m Coffee Shop offers hot coffee based beverages, ice blended beverages (coffee & non-coffee based), cakes, sandwich, breads and mugs. The target market will capture the demand of student, government/private employee, and tourist and call center agents. The business is in the form of partnership. In terms of capital, the proponents will contribute an equal amount of money to finance the business. It will not incur debt equity because of the sufficient capital of the partners for the business operations to be stable and sustainable. The project will be financed by the project proponents. Each partner is entitled to contribute 11.1111% of P 4, 500,000.00 which is P500, 000.00. An appropriate organizational structure will provide coordination and control over the activities of the business. The business will adopt flat organizational structure or the horizontal structure so that the employees can directly communicate to the higher management and for efficient execution of works. Employees will receive their monthly salary, additional wage incentives and other forms of benefits. 2.0 Current Marketing Situation Marketing As of the latest situation in the respective area where business is to be established, CARAME will gain an advantage out of its competing establishments because they do not offer coffee as the primary product to serve. Through this, the proponents are foreseeing bright future for this kind of business. The CARAME to be established along Maharlika Highway, Kapitan Pepe, Cabanatuan City have a target market of approximately 500 student, government/private employee, tourist and call center agents. The coffee shop is more affordable because of its lower price in relative to the competitive establishments. In addition to this, the shop will have banners, and other forms of flyers to inform the public of its existence in the place. It will also provide discounts and promotion to its target clients to gain loyalty of the customers. M a r k e t i n g P l a n Page 1 CARAME Coffee Academy Production The project offered coffee services which customer can choose whether cold or hot coffee. The shop will operate from Mondays to Sundays. The business will have a location advantage because it is position between the central commerce of the city and the well known malls in the province. Thus, a service offered to its greater target market is more accessible and may bring bigger demand which eventually will cause lower prices to attract more customers. Also many customers will be familiarized to its location as it is easy to described and therefore convenient to avail the product. In terms of production process, employees can easily learn the product....
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marketing 2 - CARAME Coffee Academy 1.0 Executive Summary...

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