week 6 DQ's - Post your response to the following Do you...

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Post your response to the following: Do you believe the RA/EOB is an effective method of communicating claim adjudication information to patients? When you have received an RA/EOB in the mail, is it easy or difficult to understand? What suggestions could you make to improve patient-payer communication regarding the claim adjudication process? I think it seems to be a good system, because although the doctor’s copy shows information for several patients, the patient’s copy only shows individual patients their own information. It also contains all of the information the patient would need. I’ve worked in a dentist’s office before so it’s now easier for me to understand claims, and I usually don’t have questions. When I go to the doctor, I know what it’s for, and I can usually understand the EOB and later, the bill. To make it easier for patients to understand their EOBs, I would include a section on what procedures were performed, what portion the patient owed, and any other information I’d think they’d need. I would put it in simple language, so it would clearly explain the EOB, and if the patient had questions, I would make sure to include contact information. If I were working with patients directly during appointments, I’d try to answer any questions they had, and give them an estimate of what their insurance would pay for, and what they would have to pay for. Response 2
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week 6 DQ's - Post your response to the following Do you...

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