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CheckPoint Ramifications of Participation Contracts

CheckPoint Ramifications of Participation Contracts -...

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Ramifications of Participating Contracts Providers have potential opportunities for financial gain with participation contracts. With these contracts, doctors who participate stand to gain more revenue through increased advertising that will occur in print as well as on radio and television. Being associated with a particular plan may gain doctors new patients as well. However, doctors may also lose money or not earn as much while part of a plan like this. All plans pay doctors less than their regular fees, so doctors take in less revenue. If the plan cuts payments too much, doctors may decide to not join the participation contract despite the
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Unformatted text preview: potential for increases in number of patients seen. Doctors may also not accept specific plans because they disagree with the health care protocol the plan outlines or believe that it will limit the doctors’ ability to treat patients without restraint. Participation contracts do offer benefits for people who participate. The plans usually cover not only standard office visits, but may also cover urgent/emergency care, behavioral health, gynecology, laboratory services, occupational or physical therapy. In addition, doctors and other health care providers are able to bill patients for the specific service that is covered under the plan....
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