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Features of Private Payer and CDHP

Features of Private Payer and CDHP - 1 Features of Private...

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1 Features of Private Payers and Consumer-Driven Health Plans Jennifer Dutton HCR/230 December 11, 2011
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2 A health plan that pays doctors a specific amount of money for every patient covered by this plan is called a Group Health Maintenance Organization. At the same price every month, a patient can have as many or as few visits as he or she needs. In a Preferred Providers Organization (PPO), patients under the health plan pay a lowered rate or fee for service. Patients who visit doctors “in network” pay lower fees for the services they receive as opposed to visits to doctors that are “out of network.” A health plan requiring covered patients to visit their primary healthcare provider, except for emergencies, is call a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). These plans focus on checkups for wellness and preventive care. This keeps patients healthier and catches diseases in (hopefully) the early stages of development.
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