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Etc no matter how many x chromosomes no presence of y

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Unformatted text preview: le presence Turner and Klinefelter Syndromes 28 Chromosome Number: Abnormal Sex Chromosome Number 29 Chromosomal Inherit Ploy-X females XXX simply taller & thinner than usual Some learning difficulties Many menstruate regularly and are fertile More than 3 Xs renders severe mental More retardation retardation Jacob’s syndrome (XYY) Tall, persistent acne, speech & reading Tall, problems problems 30 Chromosomal Inherit Abnormal Chromosome Structure Deletion Missing segment of chromosome Lost during breakage Translocation A segment from one chromosome moves to a segment non-homologous chromosome non-homologous Follows breakage of two nonhomologous Follows chromosomes and improper re-assembly chromosomes Deletion, Translocation, Duplication, and Inversion 31 32 Chromosomal Inherit Abnormal Chromosome Structure Duplication A segment of a chromosome is repeated in segment the same chromosome the Inversion Occurs as a result of two breaks in a Occurs chromosome chromosome ­ The internal segment is reversed before reinsertion ­ Genes occur in reverse order in inverted Genes segment segment Inversion Leading to Duplication and Deletion 33 34 Chromosomal Inherit Abnormal Chromosome Structure Deletion Syndromes Williams syndrome - Loss of segment of Williams chromosome 7 chromosome Cri du chat syndrome (cat’s cry) - Loss of Cri segment of chromosome 5 segment Translocations Alagille syndrome Some cancers Williams Syndrome 35 Alagille Syndrome 36 37 Chromosomal Inherit Review X-Linked Alleles Human X-Linked Disorders Gene Linkage Crossing-Over Chromosome Map Changes in Chromosome Number Changes in Chromosome Structure Human Syndromes Ending Slide Chapter 12 Chromosomal Inhe...
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