Bio Sci 93 Summer 2010 Final Review

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Bio Sci 93 Final Review Rule of Addition and Multiplication R__ = round rr = wrinkled T__ = tall tt = short RRTT x RrTt ½ RR ½ Rr ½ TT ½ Tt Probability of RRTT = ½ RR x ½ TT = ¼ RRTT, round and tall Probability of RRTt = ½ RR x ½ Tt = ¼ RRTt, round and tall Probability if Rr TT = ½ Rr x ½ TT = ¼ RrTT, round and tall Probability of RrTt = ½ Rr x ½ Tt = ¼ RrTt, round and tall There are proteins involved that tell cells whether or not they will divide. Proteins are
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Unformatted text preview: turned on by transcription and it tells the cell to divide. Meiosis reduce chromosome number Prophase I 46 chromosomes 92 DNA Metaphase I 46 chromosomes 92 DNA Telophase I 23 chromosomes 46 DNA Telophase II 23 chromosomes 23 DNA Gene a region of DNA that codes for protein Locus specific position of a gene on the chromosome Allele variations of a gene (blue or brown eyes) can only carry 2 alleles for a gene...
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