Linguistics Written Assignment 4

Linguistics Written Assignment 4 - Score: _ out of 9 (= 27...

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Score: _____ out of 9 (= 27 points ÷ 3) LINGUISTICS 1: ASSIGNMENT 4 Name: KEY TA: Section: 1. (2 points) Each of the figures below is a wave form of one of the following sentences. The sentences were spoken as they would be in casual conversation in American English. A loon will lie near. A loon will be near. A ’coon will lie near. A ’coon will be near. A lute will lie near. A lute will be near. A coot will lie near. A coot will be near. Below each figure, identify the sentence which the figure is a wave form of. Wave form a Sentence: A coot will be near. (we also gave .5 for "A coot will lie near.) Wave form b Sentence: A ’coon will lie near. 2. (2 points) You are in charge of creating a computer program which takes jokes told orally by comedians, processes the sound, and prints the jokes out. State TWO KINDS OF PROBLEMS you would face in making sure that this joke printed out with the correct punch line. • Distinguishing homonyms (nose vs. knows, rein vs. rain, deer vs. dear). • Processing oronyms , i.e. word breaks (reindeer vs. rain dear, or any word breaks, for that matter). • Sorting individual sounds out of the physically continuous speech stream. • Recognizing as “the same” sounds which have variants that a conditioned by the context. NOT answers: • Speed of processing. • Associating spelling with sound, e.g. the silent “k” of “knows”. If the computer can “recognize” a word, it can find out how to spell it with no problem.
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Linguistics Written Assignment 4 - Score: _ out of 9 (= 27...

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