Close Reading - Horses

Close Reading - Horses - more intriguing Granby is waiting...

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Dark Horses Horses with lower odds Lesser-known horses Trials – seeing the horses race before the actual race Ways and Means of Cheating Act of cheating Tyrell Always protecting himself Desire to withhold and reveal the scandals Secrecy and Gambling Evidence “always pretty well in the secret” “nobody else ought – but somebody can “knocking out the teeth” “mole catcher” “horse dying very suddenly, buried very suddenly” “a deeper hand than you are” hush, don’t say names spreading gossip implicates you in it backing the horse that won the trial what constitutes cheating? Tyrell knows he can get away with it Intended for Granby to hear their conversation; use words that make their conversation
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Unformatted text preview: more intriguing Granby is waiting to have dinner with Tyrell and overhears two men gossiping about Tyrell. Gossip is a network. Knowledge and source who is saying what and what are the motives Granby tends to trust peoples words Granby thinks of language as transparent. He doesnt notice the system of manipulation. Language is a system that can be manipulated. Transparency versus Opaqueness Questions Did these people intentionally want their conversation to be heard? How did these people know about this gossip?...
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Close Reading - Horses - more intriguing Granby is waiting...

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