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"honour has forbidden me to break it" (granby v2 pg 301) intestate - "he died intestate" without a legal will personalty - movable property (not real estate) Henry Granby George Granby Tyrrel die of pure ennui page 92 lady jermyn telling caroline about "courtnenay proposing" "too much of anything is always bad" (granby v3 pg 113) heathen's virtue may be the christian's vice (granby v3 pg 262) nature is depraved (granby v3 pg 269) what constitutes how to get a good matrimonial partner "rank and wealth are never sufficient of themselves to produce happiness" (granby v3,
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Unformatted text preview: 275) PAPER OUTLINE 1. Marriage is based not only on love but on a form of bartering. 2. Literally, some marriages are based on wealth (inheritance) 3. Marriage for gratitude 4. No distinction between marrying for wealth, gratitude, or love. This love, is a giving and receiving of love. Love is bartered. 5. Therefore, marriage itself is LITERALLY a contract between two matrimonial partners. Both giving themselves to each other....
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