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Online Posting Week 2

Online Posting Week 2 - demeanor Despite his obvious...

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Two centuries ago, anyone reading Granby would have understood immediately that T.H. Lister was using the character, Mr. Trebeck, to refer to Beau Brummel. However, readers today would not make that connection; that piece of knowledge has been lost through time. As I read through the novel, I saw Mr. Trebeck solely as a fictional character, since his flamboyancy seemed exaggerated and unreal. In Mr. Trebeck’s introduction (pg. 106-111), Lister describes Trebeck as a fashionable and attractive, yet pompous man who carries himself with an elitist attitude and pretentious
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Unformatted text preview: demeanor. Despite his obvious character flaws, everyone seems to love him, attempting to imitate his style. However, because fashion is always changing, it is impossible for these people to forever imitate him; they will always have to be changing as well to keep up with him. Mr. Trebeck seems to take pride in the fact that he impresses so many and yet, even though they try to follow him, he is able to maintain his originality, as he says, “originality was his idol” (111)....
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