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Online Posting Week 3 - negatively Thus women “would...

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Lady Jermyn instructs Caroline to behave a certain way when around Granby to ensure that Caroline and Granby will not have any romantic feelings for one another. Lady Jermyn emphasizes that Caroline cannot blatantly avoid Granby because it would be too “particular” and would draw too much attention to herself (21). It is important for ladies to not act in a “marked” way because by doing so, people would more likely notice their aloof actions. If Caroline avoided Henry “too obviously,” she would be judged
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Unformatted text preview: negatively. Thus women “would never want to do anything that looks particular,” for fear of being judged. However, Granby obviously sees through Caroline’s behavior and immediately picks up the hostility that Caroline exhibits as an indifferent attitude. But as long as other people do not notice Caroline’s deliberate actions, people will not make negative assumptions about her, but instead merely see her as a proper lady....
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