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Throughout the first two volumes, Lister did not put much emphasis on developing supporting characters such as Courtenay. In volume III, I found Courtenay’s thoughts to be rather interesting and out of character. Perhaps, this was included in the novel because Lister needed a way for Granby and Caroline to be together; despite the reasons, we see a deeper side of Courtenay that was not shown prior to this account. After saving Caroline from drowning, Courtenay was in a state of confusion. He was delighted that he had the chance to save the women he so truly loved, Caroline. However, the matter of aims and emotions became mixed up. If Courtenay were to ask for Caroline’s hand in marriage, she would accept based on gratuity rather than love. In this situation, marriage is based
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Unformatted text preview: on an economic barter system rather than love. Society also seems to accept this kind of marriage, as no one would oppose to Courtenay proposing to Caroline. Courtenay did not wish the women he loved should be “entrapped” into liking him by the “mere fortunate termination of a fortuitous event (v3, 184).” Thus, Courtenay is a respectable character when he decides not to use this “fortuitous” event to his advantage. Furthermore, Caroline’s accident should not even be considered “fortuitous” as she could have easily drowned. Do you guys think Lister was simply using this passage to end the possible marriage between Courtenay and Caroline or did Lister truly have intensions in building Courtenay into a more meaningful character?...
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