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Online Posting Week 5

Online Posting Week 5 - Richstad’s discussion concerning...

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Lady Olivia Tadcaster is consumed with the importance of women having money. As Lady Tadcaster hears of Sir Brooke’s proposal to Frederica, she responds by immediately planning the settlement of Frederica’s jointure and pin money. When she visits Frederica, she walks in on her trying on a very expensive dress from “Girardot.” She exclaims, “Are you mad to throw away your money in this sort of frivolous manner?” (31) Lady Olivia’s obsession with money can be justified because, in general, women can only obtain money from their husbands. It seems that Frederica, a newlywed, has not learned the value of money; she is quite wasteful in her spending. This relates to Professor
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Unformatted text preview: Richstad’s discussion concerning aristocrats become bankrupt and forced to marry into the merchant class, jeopardizing the exclusivity of the upper class. Despite the aristocrats’ wealth, if they spend their money carelessly, bankruptcy is inevitable. Lady Olivia and Frederica differ in the way they spend their money. Lady Olivia spends conservatively while Frederica spends liberally. However, it is crucial that Frederica learns to spend her pin money wisely as money should not be so easily wasted. 04:32 04:32...
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