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On page 17, Frederica exclaims “I have been to kind a wife; - I have disgusted him with my servility – my doting attachment. It is my folly which has driven him into the society of Mr. Lexley and the snares of Miss Elbany. I have no right to be angry with him …” Through Frederica’s thoughts, it’s apparent that Gore blames women for all marital problems. The women are always at fault. It seems that Gore is not very nice to her
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Unformatted text preview: characters, putting all the blame on Frederica. I feel like the novel puts too much emphasis on how women are below men, and I find it really difficult to digest coming from a successful female writer. Gore’s use of the word “disgusted him with my servility” reflects her strong belief that “ a first rate woman is only as good as a third rate man.”...
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