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Online Posting Week 7

Online Posting Week 7 - Leonora’s beauty and class thus...

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In pages 121-124, the history of the Waddlestone family is revealed. Mr. Waddlestone has “a companion so totally devoid of delicacy or intellectuality as the partner whom he has chosen, or rather who had chosen him…” This suggests Mr. Waddlestone’s dissatisfaction in his marriage as he was “chosen” rather than doing the “choosing.” Mrs. Waddlestone’s vulgarity is an impediment on both Mr. Waddlestone’s happiness and Leonora’s future. “Had it not been for the dawning beauty and promising disposition of the little girl … the treasures of opulence world would have been insufficient to render life endurable” for Mr. Waddlestone. It’s apparent that Mrs. Waddlestone’s lack of class has overshadowed
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Unformatted text preview: Leonora’s beauty and class, thus making it difficult to find a matrimonial partner. Mr. Waddlestone feared that his “lovely child would be rejected from the rank of life in which he desired to fix her destiny.” Because both Mr. Waddlestone and Leonora do not share Mrs. Waddlestone’s vulgarity, they became “united by a species of mutual affection, which would have resembled the bond of friendship rather than of filial and paternal love.” The mutual affection between them shows that Mr. Waddlestone desires a wife who exhibits his daughter’s qualities, rather than the crudity of Mrs. Waddlestone....
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