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Health Psychology - Health Psychology What is Stress? Any...

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Health Psychology What is Stress? Any type of change that causes adjustment; can be positive or negative Stressors: any even that causes a change Intensity Duration: The longer it lasts, the more severe Stress impacts body and mind regardless of stressor Body: physiology Mind: brain Stress Impacts Body Physiology Regardless of stress, effects on body are the same Bodily changes associated with prolonged exposure to stress Stress Impacts Brain HPA Axis Hypothalamus → pituitary → adrenal glands → epinephrine/cortisol 1. Epinephrine Increased heart rate, blood pressure, breathing Release of sugar into blood Mobilizes body to deal with emergency Increases energy and strength Causes sweat 2. Cortisol
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Heals muscle tears Decrease swelling, pain Causes a decrease in white blood cells – disrupts immune system Not good for long run Can lead to cancer Recent Data Show Correlations between stress and multiple diseases Psychosomatic illness: o Individual response specificity, headaches, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes o Almost all illnesses are related to stress o Individual response specificity: our own weakness – for each of us, we will respond differently General Adaptation Syndrome A theory to explain stress response – explains our stress over time 1. Alarm – initial reactions to stressor 2. Resistance – stress that continues chronically over time 3. Exhaustion – body can no longer handle stress i.e. heart Stress can Kill! The mind affects how we react to stressors (interaction)
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Health Psychology - Health Psychology What is Stress? Any...

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