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6 - Abdomen CT - Introduction to abdomen CT Routine abdomen...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to abdomen CT Routine abdomen CT scan needs .oral & iv contrast fasting 6­8 h- 1 fasting 6­8 h .oral contrast- 2 oral contrast .iv contrast-3 scanning- 4 scanning fasting fasting (.oral contrast.(most important- 1 oral contrast.(most important aspiration if intubation in need- 2 aspiration if intubation in need ..frequent vomiting- 3 frequent vomiting :Oral contrast** ** gastrographin. aspiration pulmonary 1 gastrographin. edema NICM- 2 NICM No contra indication No contra indication :Iv contrast** ** NICM NICM .K.F.T- ­ Allergy drugs, foodAllergy .Hydrocortisone ­ ­ i.Vupper arm. svc Rt side of heart i.V lung left side of heart body arteries portal system liver systemic venous excretion of contrast .via kidneys :Three phases Three phases Arterial phase. 25 sec-1 Porto­venous phase. 40­60 sec-2 Delayed.>2­5 min-3 .Routinly porto venous Angio CT arterial protocols protocols Routine abdomen & pelvis oral & iv .contrast porto venous Stone protocol abdomen pelvis without .oral or iv contrast Liver protocol without + triple phases (( arterial , PV & delayed Adrenal protocol Adrenal protocol pancreatic protocol pancreatic protocol without+ arterial , portovenous & st we need without+ arterial , portovenous & st we need . delayed in adrenal protocol :Important notes Important notes abdomen & pelvis CT routinley needs oral & iv + abdomen & pelvis CT routinley needs oral & iv . contrast & scanning at PV phase clinical data is important to determine the + .protocol Some times You can modify the protocol + .according to the patient’s condition & pathology ...
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  • Fall '08
  • Woods,A
  • oral contrast, Stone protocol abdomen, Angio CT arterial, Routine abdomen, contra indication, Routine  abdomen

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