Schizophrenia - Frontline The Released...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Frontline “The Released” *Schizophrenia is NOT multiple personality disorder Schizophrenia *during childhood, child is normal, highly functioning, and successful. Schizophrenics are less violent then the general population. o Symptoms 1. Disturbances of speech Incoherent speech, baby talk, neologisms (make up words), associative linking (speech jumps topic to topic in a bizarre way), blocking (stop midsentence)/clanging (rhyme words) 2. Delusions Simplified, a fixed, false belief Persecutory: they’re being persecuted, people are trying to kill them; oftentimes government agency, God, devil, family Thought insertion: someone is inserting thoughts into mind Thought broadcasting: thoughts are broadcasted and heard by CIA, government agency Thought removal: thoughts are being erased, remove Grandeur: powers i.e. psychic, immortal, often religious Control: controlled by outside force i.e. CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, God Reference: everything is about you (schizophrenic) Nihilism: nothing exists, nothing is real
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Schizophrenia - Frontline The Released...

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