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Tu 1 Claire Tu Professor Joshua Knapp Psychology 19 1 April 2009 Unquiet Mind Writing Assignment 1. Kay Jamison Redfield comes from a military family, growing up in Washington D.C. and later moving to southern California. She has a close relationship with her brother. As a child, she has always admired her brother, who gave her love and support. When her disorder started to overrule her life in chapter three, her brother cleans up the mess by paying off her debts and taking care of her. Jamison’s brother must have been one of the driving forces that kept Jamison alive through the depression stages of her mania. Perhaps without him, she would have successfully committed suicide. Jamison found her sister intolerable because of the sister’s short temper. Both the sisters have mood swings and lack respect for each other. Perhaps, the sister also suffers from a mental disorder. Jamison’s father is an Air Force pilot and a scientist for Rand Corporation. He is a good father who supports her interests; however, as he aged, his mood swings occurred more often and led him into depression. His gene pool is most likely responsible for the mental disorders in their family. Jamison’s mother is a sharp contrast to her father. She helps Jamison through the early stages of manic depression. Unlike the father, Jamison’s mother exhibits rational behavior and serves as a positive role model in Jamison’s life. Family members tend to have the most influence on our lives because not only do we share genes with our parents and siblings but also the same environment. The prevalence of mental disorder in their family shows the genetic influence
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Tu 2 her father had on Jamison and her sister. Growing up with a father and sister who show extreme mood changes could have also influenced the development of her mental disorder. The family members not affected, the mother and brother, are essential in Jamison’s survival
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Unquiet Mind - Tu 1 Claire Tu Professor Joshua Knapp...

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