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7 - Neuroimaging

Angiography angiography aprightica lateralrightica

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Unformatted text preview: vessels. Radio­opaque dye is injected and vessels are visualized Gold standard for studying cerebral vessels. Angiography Angiography AP Right ICA Lateral Right ICA Angiography Angiography AP Right Vertebral Planes of Section Planes of Section Axial (transverse) Sagittal Coronal (frontal) Oblique What is an AXIAL section? What is an AXIAL section? CT without contrast Lateral ventricles CT with contrast CT bone window Brain CT… Brain CT… Note that we take axial slices beginning from the skull base., parallel to a standard line (orbito­meatal or canthomeatal line). The thickness of the slice (the distance between a slice – picture­ and the following slice –picture­) is 10mm or as determined. The skull base is a bony area with much small details, so we take the slices with less thickness (5mm) to show al the details. You have to recognize the following: 1­ Cerebral hemispheres 2­ Brainstem 3­ Ventricular system 4­ Basal ganglia and thalamus 5­ Basal cisterns (subarachnoid space)...
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