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7 - Neuroimaging

Brainstemiscomposedofthemidbrian ponsmedullaoblongata

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Unformatted text preview: Cerebral Hemispheres (Lobes) Cerebral Hemispheres (Lobes) & Brain Stem… Lobes in the cerebral hemispheres are the frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes. Note that the white matter appears grey, and the grey matter appears white. Brainstem is composed of the midbrian, pons & medulla oblongata. Ventricular System… Ventricular System… It is composed of the lateral ventricles, 3rd ventricle and the 4th ventricle. Remember that the ventricles contain the choroid plexuses which maybe normally calcified so appears white in CT. The lateral ventricle is composed of the frontal horn (anterior horn), ventricular body, occipital horn (posterior horn) and the temporal horn (inferior horn). Normally, the temporal horns can’t be seen in CT. So, when they appear we call them “prominent temporal horns”; If they are dilated, this indicates hydrocephalus. 4th ventricle is situated behind the pons. Basal Ganglia & Thalamus… Basal Ganglia & Thalamus… You need to recognize: 1­ thalamus 2­ caudate nucleus 3­ lentiform nucleus 4­ internal capsule (it’s anterior limb and it’s posterior limb) Basal Cistern...
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