7 - Neuroimaging


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Unformatted text preview: s (Subarachnoid Basal Cisterns (Subarachnoid Space)… They contain cerebrospinal fluid(CSF), so they normally appear black in brain CT. Basal cisterns are: 1­ prepontine cistern 2­ cerebellopontine cistern 3­ interpeduncular cistern 4­ ambient cistern 5­ quadrageminal cistern 6­ sylvian cistern (sylvian fissure) CT Brain Bone Window… CT Brain Bone Window… It’s done by just giving an order for the CT machine to give us a CT brain­ bone window. You have to recognize the following: 1­ Frontal, parietal, temporal & occipital bones (Bone appears white on CT scan). 2­ Bone sinuses (Sinuses are full of air) MRI Weighting MRI Weighting T1 Weighted MRI T2 Weighted MRI Axial T1 Axial T2 Axial FLAIR Diffusion Axial T1 with contrast Brain MRI Brain MRI Most brain lesion are seen by T2 or FLAIR MRI. Usually, we use T1 MRI to visualize brain anatomy, while T2 MRI & FLAIR is used for visualizing brain pathology. Coronal T1 with...
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