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Chinese New Year - envelopes are given to children from...

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Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, it is the  most important of the Chinese traditional holidays. The Spring Festival is  a total of fifteen days and it starts with the fist day of the first lunar  month and ends with the Lantern Festival. During the Chinese New Year,  there are many activities. Some include the reunion dinner, exchange of red  envelopes, and firecrackers.  The reunion dinner is held on the Chinese New  Year’s eve and all family members gather together; this is when the red 
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Unformatted text preview: envelopes are given to children from adults. The firecrackers are used because of a legend; it is about a man-eating beast named “Nian,” who was sensitive to sounds. The firecrackers were used to scare the beast from eating people so everyone can have a good year. The Chinese New Year is a festive time and families reunite, it is a time to come together and wish each other a good year....
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