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Claire Tu Chinese III H P.01 03/27/2007 Picture Description Outline - revised I. A. Physics class presents a field trip in a school bus to Six Flags Magic Mountain on February 8, 2007. B. This trip will increase the interest for Physics among the students by creating a fun and educational environment. II. A. The exciting roller coaster is located at the famous Six Flags Amusement Park in the State of California. B. The bright sun with a clear blue sky makes the roller coaster look even more stirring. C. The roller coaster has extreme vertical drops and loops. D. The exhilarating roller coaster looks fast and thrilling. E. The light green scheme of the roller coaster makes it intense. F. The green trees that completely surround the roller coaster match the light green color
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Unformatted text preview: scheme. III. A. Theme Parks are all enjoyable on sunny days with a lucid clear sky. B. There are many theme parks located in the State of California, such as Disneyland and Universal Studios. C. Most theme parks always have scenery around the place, such as trees and flowers. D. All theme parks have roller coasters with certain themes and color scheme. E. The unique shape of the roller coaster and how it encloses in an area makes it unique. F. The loops of the roller coaster are exclusive since it has a pattern of loops creating a thrilling ride. IV. A. The picture shows a fun day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. B. Next time instead of going with school I want to bring my cousins to show them a fun time at the incredible Six Flags Magic Mountain....
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