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Self Evaluation 2008 - Claire Tu Chinese IVAP P.05 May 27,...

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Claire Tu Chinese IVAP P.05 May 27, 2008 Self Evaluation - Homework The Homework Assignment that I specifically selected to do my self-evaluation on is the Lesson One Story Writing. The assignment is a composition typed with a word processor. The purpose of the assignment is to enhance typing skills in Chinese characters to prepare for the composition portion of the Advance Placement Test in Chinese Language and Culture. I accomplished this assignment in a timed interval of 15 minutes. I would spend one minute scanning over the pictures, trying to understand the artist’s message. During the next minute, I would plan my essay into three paragraphs by dividing the pictures. Then, I would spend eleven minutes typing the story. When I have the chance, I would also incorporate Chinese Idioms to reflect a better knowledge of the Chinese language. In the last two minutes, I would read over my story to check for typographic errors. Comparing Story Writing for Lesson 1 with other Story Writings, I realized Story Writing Lesson One is my first attempt at this type of assignment. This assignment was the first Story Writing I have done, so I spent more time making sure it was quality work. During the first few assignments, the teacher required us to use Chinese idioms, so for Story Writing 1, I took time outside of the 15 minutes interval to learn a few Chinese Idioms. Last year, in Chinese III Honors, I did not have the chance to do this type of assignment because the class did not require the students to type essays. I can do a better work in the future by making sure all the vocabulary and grammar used in the story is correct. I can use this learning in the future because the assignment has improved my typing speed in Chinese character significantly. In the future, I may have the need to type a word-processed paper in Chinese characters, so from this learning experience I would have absolutely no difficulty in typing a word-processed paper.
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Claire Tu Chinese IVAP P.05 May 27, 2008
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Self Evaluation 2008 - Claire Tu Chinese IVAP P.05 May 27,...

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