FINA 4080 Spring 2012 Syllabus (002)

FINA 4080 Spring 2012 Syllabus (002) - FINA 4080-002(Spring...

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1 FINA 4080-002 (Spring 2012) Intermediate Financial Management MW 5:45-7:00 PM, ST 1140 Instructor: Anthony Burek College of Business and Innovation Department of Finance Office: Stranahan Hall-South Room 2039 Office Hours: MW 5:00PM – 5:30 PM, or by appointment. Phone: Finance Department 419.530.2436 During office hours 419.530.4735 (Do not leave voicemail) Email: [email protected] (Best method of communication) Course Prerequisite : You must have successfully completed [C or better] BUAD3040. This course assumes you have a good understanding of the basics of corporate finance (as well as accounting, math, and spreadsheet fundamentals from earlier courses) as this course will reinforce and broaden your knowledge of how financial decisions should be made. It is also assumed that students can readily utilize a financial calculator for time value of money concepts and calculations. Course Description: Intermediate Financial Management is meant to expand the material coverage from the basic 3040 course, by introducing new corporate finance topics as well as covering previous 3040 material in more depth. Topics include cost of capital, capital structure, capital budgeting, leasing, financial planning, cash budgeting, financial statement and current asset analyses. Excel assignments will also be incorporated, as well as writing business reports. Learning Objectives: By the end of this class, you should understand and be able to discuss: 1. How short and long-term financial decisions can impact the firm’s financial statements and future operations. 2. Financial forecasting techniques and pro forma financial statements. 3. Project cash flow analysis, the cost of capital, and capital budgeting techniques. 4. The importance of current asset management, including cash budgeting, to the operation of small and mid-sized firms. 5. Why leases are so important and commonly used by businesses today. Required Materials : 1. Financial Management, Brigham & Daves, 10th. Edition, South-Western Cengage Learning. 2. A calculator that allows individual cash flow entries (CF button) [I will be using a Texas Instruments BAII Plus calculator for all class demonstrations.] Cell phones, tablet computers, laptop computers, or any other electronic devices are prohibited).
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2 Additional Course Material/Communication: All course material and communication will be provided through the UT Blackboard Portal on the UT Website. Students are expected to check regularly for new files, documents, etc. Students are also required to check their University of Toledo e-mail accounts for class correspondence. (If you have not already done so, activate your free UT email account. We will be using email to communicate some course announcements so you must have an activated UT account.) When emailing the instructor, please include your class section (FINA 4080-001 or FINA 4080-002) in the subject line of the email. If you have any questions about activating/using your UT email account, please check with the attendants in
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FINA 4080 Spring 2012 Syllabus (002) - FINA 4080-002(Spring...

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