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Act II - Alex Yang Bane-5 English IB HL 1 19 October 2009...

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Alex Yang Bane-5 English IB HL 1 19 October 2009 Analysis Summary- Act II Act II begins in the Proctor house as John and Elizabeth discuss the rising number of accusations. This act in The Crucible depicts namely guilt and the difficult moral decisions between sacrifice and self interest. Also it portrays the flaws of Salem’s theocratic society and its justice system. In Act II, Elizabeth Proctor brings up to Proctor the topic on his affair with Abigail and he accuses her of always placing guilt on him. Proctor doesn’t realize is the she accused him of nothing and the guilt he feels is a result of his own actions and as a result he expresses his guilt through anger toward Elizabeth. Yet his feeling of guilt is a paradox within the act since everyone else in Salem is under constant accusations, willing to sentence another individual to death with no remorse, thus lacking a sense of guilt. Later on in the act, Elizabeth Proctor is arrested as charges are brought upon her by Abigail who continues to seek vengeance. At this moment, Proctor faces an internal conflict of
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