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Alex Yang Bane-5 English IB HL1 25 October 2009 Crucible Analysis Summary: Act III In Act III, the trialing of the many men’s wives demonstrate the profound power held by the few girls who began the hysteria. Self-interest and sacrifice is depicted in this act with many ironic twists that demonstrate the depleting morality in the Salem community. One of the main theme’s in Act III is self-interest in which case motivates certain individuals to take upon certain actions. During the trial, Parris accuses Proctor’s every statement as an attempt to overthrow the court when in reality he is motivated in protecting Betty, his daughter, from being accused a liar. Irony is in constant play during the act as well. In an attempt to save his wife, Proctor confesses to his affair with Abigail, yet when his wife is called to the stand, she lies and denies her husband’s acts of lechery in order to save her husband. As a result, both their acts of sacrifice
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Unformatted text preview: were in vain and instead were used to denounce the other. Another quite ironic scene is Hale’s attitude toward the trials. As a man who once helped gather accused individuals, Hale now begins to doubt the honesty of Abigail, the very source of these accusations. As the act comes to an end, Mary Warren demonstrates how twisted ones morality can become when one is left with no options. Her confession of the girl’s objectives and their false accusations reflected Mary’s guilt in the beginning of the act. However, near the end of the act where Abigail and the girls accuse her of witchcraft, the guilt has been transformed by fear into self-interest. This thus causes her to join the girls once again and convey the accusations onto Proctor....
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