APAHguide - China Mandate of Heaven (Bronze age, shang,...

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China Mandate of Heaven (Bronze age, shang, zhou, qin (unification of China), han, six dynasties (period of revolution), sui, tang (Buddhism at its height), song 960-1279 Fang Ding, Bronze, Shang, Vessel, 12c BCE o Ceremonial; piece mold casting Painted Banner, Colors on silk, Han, Textile, 160 BCE o Top represents heaven bottom represents underworld Seated Buddha Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang, 645 Japan o Shintoism o Haniwa , Earthenware, 6 th C BCE, Kofun o The tale of Genji, Heian period, ink on paper, 12 th C o Woman’s hand o Frockling Animals, Toba sojo, Heian, ink on paper, handscroll o Men’s hand, no color, makes fun of buddhism o Monk Sewing, Kao, Kamakura, 14 th C, ink on paper o Zen Buddlism, self reliance Early Greek o Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean o Snake Goddess, Minoan, 1600 BCE, faience o Bull-leaping, Fresco, Minoan, 1450 BCE o Lion Gate with Relief panel, limestone, 1300 BCE , Mycenaean o Corbelled arch, cyclopean architecture, courses Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic o Temples for worship of gods o Kroises and Kore, Marble, 530 BCE (Kouros figure), Archaic o Archaic smile, naturalistic face o Kritios Boy, Marble, Classical, 480 BCE o Controposto, engaged leg o Parthenon, Kalikrates, Iktinos, Marble, Doric Temple, Classical, 447 BCE o Nike of Samothrace, Marble, 190 BCE, Hellenistic o Brings news of victory Ancient Rome (Etruscan 700-509 BCE, Republican, 509-27, Imperial 27-395) o Sarcophagus with reclining couple, Terra cotta, Etruscan, 520 BCE o House of Vetti, Stone, Republican, 2 nd C BCE o House for the wealthy, Atrium, Implurium o Flavian Amphitheatre, Early Empire, Marble, 70-90 o Tuscan order on ground, ionic, then Corinthian, superimposed arcades
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APAHguide - China Mandate of Heaven (Bronze age, shang,...

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