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Atwood poems - Alex Yang Mr Bane English IB HL 1 24 May...

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Alex Yang Mr. Bane English IB HL 1 24 May 2010 “True Stories” Margaret Atwood, a politically aware individual, is the speaker in the poem “True Stories”. She addresses the seekers of truth in our society, warning of the corruption that befalls our politics. She identifies with the audience through their shared knowledge of the imminent crisis in modern society and thus the poem is a reference to the controversy over the extent of control the government has and how it has been used for the greater evil. Atwood implies that all we know, all the knowledge imparted to us are no more than lies. These true stories, or should I say supposed “true stories” serve only to mislead and deceive, a red hearing. She illustrates such through vivid imagery. “…my blurred footprints filling with salt” alludes to how the truth is always washed away as if it were never there. The search for corrupt stories, rewritten histories, and what we hold as knowledge is regarded by Atwood as a futile pursuit in search of truth. Thus
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