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LS1 Week 1 Demo Assignment Please keep in mind that while you did work in groups for this assignment what you turn in for a grade must be written in your own words. Any evidence of plagiarism will be written up and dealt with through the office of the Deans of Students. Do not use quotation marks, and make sure you cite the references used in your paper as well (there is more on this in a later section). Formatting 1. Please write in the active voice 2. The length should be between 1.5 and 2 pages long single-spaced. This does not include references, which should be on a separate sheet of paper (separate form assignment 2 for this week). 3. Use 12 point, Times New Roman font, with 1” margins on all sides of the document. 4. Failure to follow formatting guidelines will result in the loss of a point from your total score. Structure Structure each section like a mini-essay with a logical flow of ideas, topic and concluding sentences. Make an effort to link ideas across sections, especially between your introduction and discussion. The ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas is critical to success in all fields. Therefore, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure and vocabulary all play an important role. If I can ʼ t understand what you ʼ re saying, I can ʼ t evaluate whether you understand the material and your grade will reflect this. The assignment is brief, so you must be succinct. You should plan on rewriting at least twice. Failure to turn in a well-written assignment can result in up to two points lost from the total score of this assignment. Introduction
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Demo_1_Assignment_specifics - LS1 Week 1 Demo Assignment...

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