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Biology Review notecard Cellulose The Component of the cell wall of plants Leaf The Primary part of the plant that is used for photosynthesis Flower Reproductive part of an anthophyte Moist environment environment necessary to transport sperm and for diffusion of water and nutrients in nonvascular plants Sclerenchyma the type of plant cell with thick, rigid cell walls Ethylene gas the main hormone which helps ripen fruits Complete Flower this flower contains both stamen (male) and pistil (female) parts Prothallus Fern spore germinates into a heart-shaped structure Wind Seed dispersal mechanism using hairy plumes Animal fur Seed dispersal mechanism using hooks and barbs
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Unformatted text preview: Netted veins Dicot leaf has this venation Phloem Transports sugars down a plant from the leaves Phototropism Plant's response to light Archegonia Female reproductive part of a nonvascular plant Annuals Anthophyte that lives for only one year Structures of a leaf Parenchyma cells, stomata, epidermis, veins, guard cells Conifers Plant type that has naked seeds Anthophytes Flowering plants with enclosed seeds and fruit Bilateral Symmetry Symmetry of worms, butterflies and man Complete Metamorphosis Egg, larve, pupa, adult Incomplete Metamorphosis Egg, nymph adu lt...
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