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Apush review Bacon's Rebellion: discontent former landless servants’ rebellion led by Nathaniel Bacon. This eventually caused a move from indentured servants to African slaves for labor purposes. First Great Awakening: The Religious revival in the American colonies of the 18th century during which a number of new Protestant churches to be established. French and Indian War: This struggle between the British and French in the colonies of North America was part of a worldwide war known as the Seven Years' War. George Washington: Virginian, patriot, general, and president. Became the First President of the United States. Boston Massacre: British soldiers fired into a crowd of colonists who were teasing and taunting them. Five colonists were killed. The colonists blamed the British and the Sons of Liberty and used this incident as an excuse to promote the Revolution.
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Unformatted text preview: Half-way Covenant: Puritan church document; In 1662, the Halfway Covenant allowed partial membership rights to persons not yet converted into the Puritan church; It lessened the difference between the "elect" members of the church from the regular members; Women soon made up a larger portion of Puritan congregations. Common Sense: A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1776 to convince the colonists that it was time to become independent. Intolerable Acts: in response to Boston Tea Party, 4 acts passed in 1774, Port of Boston closed, reduced power of assemblies in colonies, permitted royal officers to be tried elsewhere, provided for quartering of troop's in barns and empty houses Missouri Compromise: 1820 compromise of the admission of MIssouri into the United States. Admitted Missouri as a slave state, and Maine as a free state...
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