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Apush review 3 John Dickinson: a delegate of Pennsylvania, he led a group of people that favored quick reconciliation with Great Britain rather than independence. Monroe Doctrine: American foreign policy opposing interference in the Western hemisphere from outside powers John Peter Zenger: A New York editor whose trial for seditious libel backfired on the government; the jury found that truth was a defense for libel. Non-importation Agreement: This was an agreement which pledged of people not to import or use goods imported from great Britain Olive Branch Petition: The colonies made a final offer of peace to Britain,
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Unformatted text preview: agreeing to be loyal to the British government if it addressed their grievances (repealed the Coercive Acts, ended the taxation without representation policies). It was rejected by Parliament, which in December 1775 passed the American Prohibitory Act forbidding all further trade with the colonies. King Philip's War: the series of battles in New Hampshire between the colonists and the Wompanowogs, led by a chief known as King Philip. The war was started when the Massachusetts government tried to assert court jurisdiction over the local Indians....
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