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Reproduction notes 2

Reproduction notes 2 - separately to the outside 24 Uterus...

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24. Spermatozoa: Male gametes also known as sperm in male body 24. Testes: Where the sperm is made in males. 24. Tubules: The tiny tubes where sperm are made. These are located in the testes 24. Umbilical Cord: Joins the embryo (baby) to the placenta 24. Urethra (male): Tube which carries urine and sperm from the penis. This happens at different times 24. Urethra: Opening of the bladder that leads to the front of the female genitals. Opens
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Unformatted text preview: separately to the outside 24. Uterus: A thick, walled organ made of muscle, where a baby can grow. Another word for it is womb. 24. Vagina: Muscular tube leading from the uterus to the outside. 24. Vas Deferens: A tube which carries away sperm from the testes to join the urethra 24. Zygote: The new cell formed after fertilization....
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