Community Ecology 1

Community Ecology 1 - o Two species cannot coexist...

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Community Ecology group of populations of different species living close enough to interact Interspecific interactions : relationship between individuals of two or more species in a community; include competition, predation, herbivory, and symbiosis. Interspecific competition : The competition between each other for resources that are in short supply o a – / – interaction that occurs when individuals of different species compete for a resource that limits their growth and survival o Competitive exclusion : the concept that when populations of two similar species compete for same limited resources, one will use the resources more efficiently and have a reproductive advantage that will lead to the elimination of the other population Ecological niche : Sum of a species’ use of the biotic and abiotic resources in its environment o If habitat is its “address,” then niche is its “profession” — ecological role
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Unformatted text preview: o Two species cannot coexist permanently in community if niches are identical but ecologically similar species can coexist if there are differences in their niches • Resource partitioning : Differentiation of niches that enables similar species to coexist in a community o As a result of competition, a species’ fundamental niche , which is the niche potentially occupied by that species, is often different from its realized niche , the portion of its fundamental niche that it actually occupies in a particular environment • Character displacement : The tendency for characteristics to diverge in more in sympatric populations of two species than in allopatric populations of the same two species o Allopatric – geographically separate Sympatric – geographically overlapping • Predation : + / – interaction between species in which one species, the predator, kills and eats the other, the prey...
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Community Ecology 1 - o Two species cannot coexist...

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